Youtube Lottery – The second winner iiiis

Thank you so much for promoting my music through your channel and thank you so much for being such a great supporter and fan 🙂

How to participate ?

Just subscribe my channel on Youtube:
The more you are active, the more chances you’ll have to win next month 🙂

Youtube lottery – First winner announcement !

I just found my first winner, that I’ve chosen among all my youtube subscribers ! 🙂


Congrats MarshMallowMarauder !

I really appreciate your support, all the comments that you wrote on my videos and your loyalty for a long time 🙂

Next month I will choose the next winner among all subscribers on my Youtube channel !
Thank you so much ! 🙂

“Tomorrow” Remix contest – The winner is …

This is the winner of the “PITCHEDsenses & Brenton Mattheus – Tomorrow Remix Contest” !
We counted 29 remixers at this contest (stems 480x downloaded) !
More than we ever expected ! There were so many good remixes, it was hard to decide !
The grand prize goes to the remix made by Serpicon3Mannequin and Cydonia !
We liked a lot the new and different genre of the song and the many many details and own productions you put into this remix ! It’s one flow, one big arrangement, the drop is simple but cool, the vocals were placed right. All in all a great work, well done ! 🙂
Some big honorable mentions to Nicky A&RLerry Muller and Kodo!
I decided to promote them on PITCHEDstereo !
Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of this contest, we had a lot of fun listening to your tracks, and you had hopefully a great time remixing our music ! I will definitly start a new contest soon 🙂