Free online stream promotion

Hey dear friends 🙂

I just wanted to talk again about my project PITCHEDstereo, which is a 24/24h online stream , playing YOUR songs you sent me. So if you are a producer and want some online promotion through online radio, just send me your best productions by using this form.

The stream has over 330 followers and it’s still rising !

Check out the link PITCHEDstereo on your left or simply click here for more information.

If you are not a producer, just take a listen to unique and fresh underground music made by our community. There is a player on top of the website to take a listen to the stream, or just click on the link below to check out the music 🙂

Stream : listen on TuneIn



Now it is official 🙂
PITCHEDstereo goes online !
It’s an internet radio that I’ll use soon to promote your songs !
I added a link above, there you’ll find more informations about how to send me your tracks, etc..
Our first step is to collect tons of songs because I need a lot of tracks to work with to make a radio program.

Our mission: Share this 🙂