5000 Likes ! New free Dubstep & DnB samples !

As I promised, it’s the drums and some single shots of my Remix “Lluivia“.

As always you can find the new samples in the “free downloads” tab on Facebook !
If you are new here, you can download the “all in one package” to get all the packs with 1 click.

Thanks again for your huge support, it means a lot to me ! 🙂

Another article about PITCHEDsamples on delamar.de

Wow, again, I can read a great article about my samples and projects on delamar.de ! I’m so happy to get so much support, that everyone show me that the things I am doing are right and is helping you out for your own productions 🙂  It really means a lot to me, again, I’m a step closer to my dream. Thank you !

I linked the article into my Press section, so you can find and read the full article anytime.
Delamar.de is an independent German magazine for musicians and producers, so check them out and find also more free stuff and cool tips for any stuff that is music related.

4000 likes on Facebook !

Thank you so much ! I’m so happy to see that people like my samples, projects and music. It means a lot to me ! I’m now again a step closer to my dream – making music and give motivation to the people out there.

I got a lot of mails saying how thankful you are, especially my feedback I give on PITCHEDstereo – But it’s me to thank you !

I’m really happy to have your support and kind comments or feedback ! THANK YOU !

New article about my samples by DMS !

Big THANKS to Dance MIDI Samples for sharing my free samples on their website !
You can check them out in my press tab on Facebook or right here in the Press link above !
It’s absolutely cool because very few samples sellers make advertisement for free samples.