PITCHEDsenses feat. on Hella Donna’s next single album !

I think now it’s  time to talk a little bit about what happend the past few weeks and months !
Some of you already know that I participated on a lot of remix contests and I actually won at Hella Donna’s “Pictures in the box” remix contest !
I told you that I was probably remixing the remix of my life. Why ?

Well first, who is “Hella Donna” ?

Hella Donna
is a pretty well known rock & pop music group in germany and they worked with people like the grammy-winner Philipp Larsen (remixer for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Carly Rea Jepson, etc.).
Also they were a bunch of times on TV, radio airplay, they also released 3 albums and 8 single albums.
Maybe some of you know this band because of the song “block by block“. It’s actually the hymn for the popular game “Minecraft“. (By the way, they are now nominated for the second time for the “Hollywood Music in Media Awards” with this song for “best game song 2013”)
These are only a few details of this amazing group and of course, you can check them out at www.helladonna.com.

I am really proud to tell you that I will actually have 3 remixes of mine on their next upcoming single album “Pictures in the box” that will be released at 7th June 2013 !
I will also work together with Hella Donna on their next upcoming projects, that’s a big chance for me that I still can’t really believe ! It feels so unreal 😀

Next monday, the  6th may 2013, at 6:00 PM (German time), Hella Donna will upload a preview of what’s coming on their next single album on their Youtube channel, where I am gonna be featured on.

I really don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I am so happy that I am getting one step closer to my dream 🙂
And I can only thank YOU ALL again and again, how much I really appreciate your support, it means really EVERYTHING to me !

I told you I am gonna do some tutorials in the next upcoming weeks, I really want to share my knowledge with you and help as much as I can. It’s the less thing I can do for your huge support !
Subscribe my Youtube channel and don’t miss my first tutorials and of course a lot more (samples, tracks, etc) and of course to support me there ! 🙂

Thank you again ! you are the best 🙂

PS: the winner of the “Tomorrow” remix contest will be posted soon, so stay tuned !