“Tomorrow” Remix contest – The winner is …

This is the winner of the “PITCHEDsenses & Brenton Mattheus – Tomorrow Remix Contest” !
We counted 29 remixers at this contest (stems 480x downloaded) !
More than we ever expected ! There were so many good remixes, it was hard to decide !
The grand prize goes to the remix made by Serpicon3Mannequin and Cydonia !
We liked a lot the new and different genre of the song and the many many details and own productions you put into this remix ! It’s one flow, one big arrangement, the drop is simple but cool, the vocals were placed right. All in all a great work, well done ! 🙂
Some big honorable mentions to Nicky A&RLerry Muller and Kodo!
I decided to promote them on PITCHEDstereo !
Thank you SO MUCH for being a part of this contest, we had a lot of fun listening to your tracks, and you had hopefully a great time remixing our music ! I will definitly start a new contest soon 🙂

“Tomorrow” Remix contest – Contest closed

Thanks to everyone who sent us their remix, we never expected so many people participating 🙂
We count 24 remixes, that’s absolutely amazing ! Thank you so much !

We will announce the winner in a few days here, on www.psenses.de, so stay tuned 🙂
Don’t worry, I will send an email to every single remixer with the link to my website, to get sure they know who the winner track is, etc 🙂

The contest is now officially closed.

“Tomorrow” Remix contest – Rule 3 changed !

I just changed the 3rd rule of the remix contest “Tomorrow“.

3.  Entrants assign away and transfer any and all rights in the remixes to PITCHEDsenses and Brenton Mattheus. The winning remix will receive a royalty rate of 50% !

I changed this because I want to be fair, I want to thank you for the work you put into this remix 🙂

Good luck !

! IMPORTANT ! (for the “Tomorrow” Remix contest)

The formular for the remix contest did not work well, so I changed the upload function at once (you will now have to upload it via sendspace) ! We are lucky that only 2 persons sent already a remix, but one of them could not be sent correctly to us ! It is about 15 hours ago ! (22:45h German time).

So if you read this, dear remixer, please send your remix again !

Sorry for the trouble 🙁

My first self-made remix contest :)

Today is a big day, because I am proud to announce my first remix contest 🙂
I’m also very happy to do this with my friend Brenton Mattheus !
I added a new link called Remix contests on the left, there you can find my own contests and participate. Ready to win some nice prizes ?

Good luck & happy remixing ! 🙂 Can’t wait to listen to your mixes !