Music is a language; music is like dancing. Music brings us together!

I love producing songs. Changing the sounds. Deciding what will be heard. Using the power of music to change people’s feelings. Simply said: music is my life!
I’m Eric Onder de Linden alias “PITCHEDsenses”, and I live in Germany.

So, what does PITCHEDsenses mean?
Well, it means a bit of everything. My goal was to try every genre and I can definitely say:
I like (nearly) every genre.

“Drums” translated into German means “beat-stuff”.
My drumming teacher “Ludwig Schmitz” († 10.05.07) said:
“Beat-stuff is also caress-stuff. If you want to be a good drummer, you have to be flexible in genres!”

So I played not only my drums and percussion; I also played Timpani, xylophone, etc..
But thats not important.

I’m a bit confused about my choice of my sound. PITCHEDsenses means my senses are confused;
a confused mind about my music. I’m still trying new stuff and won’t stop trying to produce my own songs. I hope that one day, due to my experience, I will find my sound, maybe find a new genre.
I started in 2006 using “FL Studio” and I didn’t know anything about this software,
so I just learned by doing. It was really hard to understand how it all worked.

After hundreds of tries, I knew what I was doing. But I didn’t have much time because of school.

At the end of 2009, I started making remixes. I learned so much that brain just clicked.
And from one second to the next, I knew what was going on and I just kept trying.
Now I know what I can do with my programs, I know which sounds I can use and how I can change them.

So, the ideas in my head can be transposed directly into my projects.
This wasn’t possible a few years ago, of course.
Perhaps I have a sound right now that people can recognize. But my sound and my music are only the beginning.