I’m producing free sample packs for my fans and supporters, to thank you all for every support you did, for example sharing my projects or buying my music.

I’ll never stop producing free stuff and samples, that’s why it’s worth to share this !

In the past, the packs were only available for a “like” on my Facbook page. Now it’s available on my website for everyone, so there is no need to have a Facebook account ! But I’ll still create future packs after a certain number of likes.

This way I can see that you like what I do, you show some respect about the time I invest for you and of course, it’s just fair to show me some recognition – through likes or sharing, or writing some comments. You’ll have to login on my website or shop to get the freebies but you can also login with social media or just enter your username and email, click on register, that’s it.

The cool thing is that the free downloads you have downloaded will always be shown in your account. That way you can download them anytime again, by just checking out your account. If you want to buy samples, write comments or anything else, just use your account. I’ll upload samples from other producers in my shop, too !

Check out my PITCHEDshop above and there you’ll find tons of free samples, music tracks and many more !