It didn’t take much time to find THE instrument that I love today: The drums.

I tried some others before like piano, flute but..

I HATE reading music!

I know, drums have music notes, too. But that’s completely different 🙂
In 1998, I moved from France to Germany and started playing drums.I had a hard start because I didn’t know any german words. If you had asked me the same question twice, I would answer “yes” and then “no”. I had difficulties understanding my drumming teacher. And I did not really learn my drum lessons the first 4/5 years because I was a bit lazy.
PITCHEDsenses - 5.5.14 - Triple A Köln small
One day my teacher, “Ludwig Schmitz” († 10.05.07) came with an amazing video of a professional drummer, Thomas Lang. I realized that what I’m learning now is so much more important. I could play like that if I would learn more. So I started to learn and try everything on my drums. I developed my techniques and bought more and more stuff for my drums. At school I played in an orchestra, jazz-band, rock band, symphonic orchestra, etc. There were projects from my music school, like musicals or drumming ensembles (eg. 8 drummers playing together).


I started to produce some songs on my PC but never tried a lot because I didn’t understand the programs.I also learned how to use graphic and video editing programs. The real reason was to make so-called “fragmovies” of a game called “Counter-Strike”. I played online with team mates and we had to make publicity for our team. So the idea was to show the people how good we can play this game. This is how I started to use my PC as a workstation and not only for computer games 🙂 Then I found my passion in music and all my experience in all of these useful areas (video, music, graphic) were so important that I had to know how I can use them. I just kept trying and finaly knew what I had to do.


I searched a very long time for a good artist name and in the year 2009, I started producing every project of mine with “PITCHEDsenses“.


Music is more than a melody in my ears, it’s more than a rythm to dance with. It’s an expression, a language, a kind of feeling that everybody will understand. It takes a big part of my life. When I’m talking about feelings to music, I mean: What’s better than closing your eyes and listening to music ? You can let everything fall down, you have your own world that you can construct in your mind. You can listen to my passion for music in each of my songs. I’m not doing this for money. It’s just my passion that drives me to do this. My life wasn’t quite easy but I think this is what changed my life on any point of view. I never could speak German like I can today or maybe I never had begun to play drums? Who knows?

I’m a calm and relaxed man today that tries to keep his dream focused; tries to do the best of all things. It’s important to know what you’re doing; important to believe in yourself and take defeats as experiences that will make you stronger in future.As my drumming teacher died, I swore that I’ll never stop playing drums. He’s a part of me. Everybody who wants me to show what I can play on the drums is a part of him. That makes him immortal.

I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will stay tuned on my projects, my music, my dreams.


Quick Third-Person Bio:

Since 2009, Eric Onder de Linden produces electronic music under the pseudonym “PITCHEDsenses”. He explores various genres, such as Hip-Hop, Trance, Electro, Drum & Bass, Minimal, Dubtep, Trance Step, Chillout, and many more. With numerous successful collaborations with artists from around the world, each song gets its own unique style that is worth to listen to. Be inspired by acoustic landscapes and complex electronic music tracks!
Today, he’s collaborating with a lot of very talented producers, eg. Hella Donna, or vocalists, such as None Like Joshua, Veela or Holly Drummond and many many more !