Ecurieaix Rollout 2013

Voting – “Ich hoffe” on beFamous

Hey dear friends 🙂

My new song “Ich hoffe” feat. Sikone is again on the befamous qualifying 🙂

A lot of you guys registered there a couple of months ago to vote for other songs of mine and we won 🙂 (BIG THANKS FOR THAT ♥)

Check out the link and click on “Vote” for my song “PITCHEDsenses – Ich hoffe (feat. Sikone)”

Thank you so much 🙂

New collab – Ich hoffe (feat. Sikone)

Tutorial – How to automate with non FL plugins ?

Tutorial – How to prepare my track for mastering ?

Tutorial – What is sidechaining ?

My first tutorial, explaining how to compress vocals

Official Steam Fanbase

Hello dear friends 🙂

I just wanted to let you know that I started a Steam group for us, so it will be easier for us to play some good games together 🙂

This group has 3 simple rules:

– play fair
– be respectful to each other
– have fun playing together

Feel free to join and use the clan-tag ! 🙂

My first DJ set

This is my first DJ set and I played this live a few weeks ago 🙂
Please share and comment  if you like it 🙂


Youtube Lottery – The second winner iiiis

Thank you so much for promoting my music through your channel and thank you so much for being such a great supporter and fan 🙂

How to participate ?

Just subscribe my channel on Youtube:
The more you are active, the more chances you’ll have to win next month 🙂

PITCHEDsenses on air !

Too many good news one at a time I’m so excited ! 😀


1 – “What?” feat. None Like Joshua, will be on air TODAY on bigFM Saarland in Germany at ~ 15:45h & 17:45h (GERMAN time) They will also post a youtube video about how they are talking about us !

2 – My song Collide feat. Holly Drummond will be also on air on BigFM Saarland in Germany , this friday ! (also 2x)

The BigFM stream is right here

3 – My song Collide is also promoted on 17tumba, check it out here

I want to thank you all for the votes you did the past week, everything you’ve done to make this happen. I am so happy right now !! And…. I still can’t believe that the guy from bigFm knew Joshua already , and subscribed him years ago, also knew my track through Joshua before I uploaded it to the radio 😀

Pink Floyd – Is there anybody out there? (PITCHEDsenses & Christopher Stephan Cover)

This is my first cover and my first collaboration with my good friend Christopher Stephan !He had the amazing idea to work on this song with me and played the guitar for us :)We’d love to read your feedback about this track, comments are hugely appreciated !Hope you feel the track as much as we do 🙂