PITCHEDsenses on air !

Too many good news one at a time I’m so excited ! 😀


1 – “What?” feat. None Like Joshua, will be on air TODAY on bigFM Saarland in Germany at ~ 15:45h & 17:45h (GERMAN time) They will also post a youtube video about how they are talking about us !

2 – My song Collide feat. Holly Drummond will be also on air on BigFM Saarland in Germany , this friday ! (also 2x)

The BigFM stream is right here

3 – My song Collide is also promoted on 17tumba, check it out here

I want to thank you all for the votes you did the past week, everything you’ve done to make this happen. I am so happy right now !! And…. I still can’t believe that the guy from bigFm knew Joshua already , and subscribed him years ago, also knew my track through Joshua before I uploaded it to the radio 😀

Pink Floyd – Is there anybody out there? (PITCHEDsenses & Christopher Stephan Cover)

This is my first cover and my first collaboration with my good friend Christopher Stephan !He had the amazing idea to work on this song with me and played the guitar for us :)We’d love to read your feedback about this track, comments are hugely appreciated !Hope you feel the track as much as we do 🙂

Seasons of Electricity – Holly Drummond and I on huge compilation !

I am very proud to announce my new release feat. the amazing Holly Drummond !!
We are both participating on a huge compilation called Seasons of Electricity that started last year ! Today, the second album is out with our track “Collide!

It’s a free download, a huge tracklist with amazing talented artists !

Take a listen to our new song here 🙂

Youtube lottery – First winner announcement !

I just found my first winner, that I’ve chosen among all my youtube subscribers ! 🙂


Congrats MarshMallowMarauder !

I really appreciate your support, all the comments that you wrote on my videos and your loyalty for a long time 🙂

Next month I will choose the next winner among all subscribers on my Youtube channel !
Thank you so much ! 🙂

Win PITCHEDsenses merch !

Subscribe my Youtube and win PITCHEDsenses merch ! I will draw a winner among all Youtube subscribers regularly:
The winner will get a private message and also be announced here on Facebook 🙂
Thanks for your support ! Hope you like the way I appreciate it ! 🙂
PITCHEDsenses merch: http://pitchedshop.spreadshirt.de/

Tutti Fruity Drum & Bass

“Tutti Fruity” ? Tutti what ?!

Well it’s easy to explain:
I had the idea to produce music with simple plugins. So what’s easier than the default plugins in FL Studio ? Tutti Fruity ? Fruity Loops plugings only ! 🙂

This is my first video with my new hardware, equipment and my brandnew FL Studio 11 !
Hope you enjoy this track as much as I do.

Please share and subscribe if you like what you see 🙂
Comments are hugely appreciated !

Stay tuned, I will do some tutorials very soon ! 🙂

*OUT NOW *Hella Donna – Pictures in the box

The single album “Pictures in the box” by Hella Donna is out now ! 🙂 I got 3 remixes of mine on this !
If you want to support me and my friends, I would really appreciate that ! 🙂

I heard that gong fm and Radio Galaxy are already streaming, this is absolutely amazing !! (you can check out the links and click on the green “+” or “thumbs up” button to support our music)
Grab the album here: AmazoniTunesMusicload
Thanks a lot for your support ! your are amazing 🙂