5000 Likes ! New free Dubstep & DnB samples !

As I promised, it’s the drums and some single shots of my Remix “Lluivia“.

As always you can find the new samples in the “free downloads” tab on Facebook !
If you are new here, you can download the “all in one package” to get all the packs with 1 click.

Thanks again for your huge support, it means a lot to me ! 🙂

“Tomorrow” Remix contest – Rule 3 changed !

I just changed the 3rd rule of the remix contest “Tomorrow“.

3.  Entrants assign away and transfer any and all rights in the remixes to PITCHEDsenses and Brenton Mattheus. The winning remix will receive a royalty rate of 50% !

I changed this because I want to be fair, I want to thank you for the work you put into this remix 🙂

Good luck !

! IMPORTANT ! (for the “Tomorrow” Remix contest)

The formular for the remix contest did not work well, so I changed the upload function at once (you will now have to upload it via sendspace) ! We are lucky that only 2 persons sent already a remix, but one of them could not be sent correctly to us ! It is about 15 hours ago ! (22:45h German time).

So if you read this, dear remixer, please send your remix again !

Sorry for the trouble 🙁