New article about my samples by DMS !

Big THANKS to Dance MIDI Samples for sharing my free samples on their website !
You can check them out in my press tab on Facebook or right here in the Press link above !
It’s absolutely cool because very few samples sellers make advertisement for free samples.


Now it is official 🙂
PITCHEDstereo goes online !
It’s an internet radio that I’ll use soon to promote your songs !
I added a link above, there you’ll find more informations about how to send me your tracks, etc..
Our first step is to collect tons of songs because I need a lot of tracks to work with to make a radio program.

Our mission: Share this 🙂

Looking for artists !

Hi dear friends 🙂
I said that I will animate my my new album Exodus.
I thinking about promoting or featuring some 3D/animation/painter/designer artists !
This could be a good way to show your fans what you are able to do 🙂
So if you are interessted to get some promotion for your animations or images, please send me an email at !
Note: The genre of the album will be science-fiction ! I need something like planets, explosions, aliens, space shuttles, etc 🙂

Some important news

I made a new website, simply because I want to be a youtube partner, and I need to have an Adsense account. They say my website had a “difficult site navigation with insufficient content”.. Don’t really know why, it’s easy and intuitive imho. So I have to made this new one.

I will also make an official Youtube account for each project of mine that I’ll feature on my “ericodl” Youtube accound that I have right now.

PITCHEDsenses (music project) is now online:

I know it sucks to subscribe again but I think it’s better for everyone. Easy for me to upload stuff for the right fan community. Example: someone subscribed my YT-account “ericodl” only for my samples, he won’t probably like to see other uploads, like movies from PITCHEDscenes or other projects.

I’ll upload everything again for PITCHEDsenses, only stuff from that project. Hope you guys can understand why I’m doing this 🙂

I think the subs on “ericodl” are not really huge, so if I want to change things, it has to be NOW before it’s getting more.
Ericodl was my first Youtube account I made, I never expected to do music more professional. So let’s do it 🙂

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write some comments ! or send me a message/mail !